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Originally Posted by boomer07uk View Post
The idea does seem abit nuts doesn't it.

It makes you ponder the NFLPA's major problem with the owners wanting to claw back the $1b that they say is for building the infrastructure of the league, and personally, if owners are willing to rubbish a 20 year old stadium just because it can't be filled, then you have to feel some sympathy for the players. Waste on this scale, in this economic climate, is pretty lame.

It's all economics. The people in the free seats presumably still buy merchandise, car parking, food/drink etc. Perhaps the Falcons should look at more reasonable pricing for tickets, or other incentives before trashing $700m and sticking one in the eye of the NFLPA.
I personally see the benefits of both plans, and I know this isn't a flash in the pan idea from Arthur Blank. We'll see what happens.
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