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Good win there. Much better performance than last week

Offense - Looked much better, Bortles accurate and made good desicions, O-line was solid and opened up running lanes. Good running in the first half, seemed to struggle in the 2nd half and Suh became more involved. Still too many little mistakes; dropped passes, the busted play with Yeldon and Robinson (Yeldon should cut it inside and not run a go on a busted play), penalties (Wisnieki seemed to struggle a little). Young offense though so hopefully we iron them out fairly quickly.

Defense - Run defense seemed solid, although the Phins seemed reluctant to run. However, I can't recall any times we had solid coverage aall over and forced Tannehill to throw into good ccoverage. There wasn't much pressure and when we had Tannehill dead to rights 3 or 4 times we couldn't bring him down (same as last week) and we also lacked the big impact plays (big hits on Tannehill, big TfL on run plays, turnovers).

Overall - very solid performance and lots of hope going forward, but still work to be done
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