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Default Re:San Diego Super-Chargers Thread

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I can't see the Chargers making the playoffs ... which is a real shame, with their schedule it was always going to be tough, and the fact they have been thrown all over America seems to have resulted in inconsistent play from in my mind one of the best three teams in the NFL.

Anyways ... next year ... i can only see them getting better presuming they have the room to keep a lot of their players. Maybe upgrade the CB/ WR position and draft some O-Line prospects. That front seven in the defence looks very nice to me (and i can confirm if i was quarterbacking against them I would soil my pants such would be my fear)

I like the Chargers and I like Marty-ball. But the key loss was the home game against Miami late in the season when they had every motivation possible. All year long the chargers were highly placed in the various Rankings, but losing late to weaker team in that situation is the kiss of death. Hopefully my redskins will avoid a similar fate with their game against the eagles this week.
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