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Default Re:San Diego Super-Chargers Thread

You're right that theres not many of us.

Have you heard we are interviewing John Ramsdell to replace Brian Schottenheimer as QB coach (who went to the Jets as OC). Ramsdell spent the last 8 years with the Rams and helped develop Trent Green, Kurt Warner and Mark Bulger. A great signing if we get him.

Another rumour is that one of the QBs may be heading to NY.


Jets head coach Eric Mangini and his offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, are a combined 67 years old -- two years older than Washington head coach Joe Gibbs.

And some of that youthful enthusiasm could manifest itself in the Jets' pursuit of a quarterback.

San Diego QB Philip Rivers could be on the Jets' radar screen.
Schotteneheimer worked closely in San Diego with Chargers quarterbacks Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. The Jets need a quarterback, and have the draft's fourth overall pick as ammunition -- the exact spot in which Rivers was selected.

If anybody knows a scouting report on San Diego's quarterbacks, it's Schottenheimer. San Diego would prefer not to trade either, but if it had to part with one, the Chargers might prefer to deal Brees.

New York's problem might not be what it can give up in return. It might be squeezing the quarterback under its salary cap. The Jets are in a rough salary-cap position, and some veterans are expecting to be released. Some moves are going to have to be made.

But it will be up to Mangini and Schottenehimer to prove that they are wiser than their years as they try to return the Jets to the playoffs.
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