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Originally Posted by Michaeljbev View Post
Im not a Browns fan so take my opinion how you like, im a big follower of the sport since the early 2000's. I don't see the browns making the playoffs this year, Mccowan is a below average QB who was benched for Mike Glennon last year. I believe in Johnny Manziel he might not be the best QB at the moment but from what I saw Sunday he's showing glimpses of getting back to the old Johnny we all loved in college, I feel its pointless playing Josh at QB when you spent a 1st Rounder on Manziel the only way he will develop I feel is if you give him game time.
It's a reasonable stance to take.
The Browns can't chuck in the season from the start as fans would be unhappy, it could affect players and coaches jobs, and they are obviously trying to be as good as possible. Pettine feels Josh gives the team the best chance to win now.
You do have other factors like if you start Manziel you can't really go back to Josh. Against that you now have the likelihood that when Josh throws an interception there could be a loud clamour for Johnny.
Either way, it's a close call
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