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I have to say im backing Manziel.

I really dont see the advantage of playing McCown.

You have mayve a couple of years at best out of him, and yes Pettine may believe he presents the best chance of winning. But lets be brutally honest. Hes a sub par QB year on year with the exception of 1 season at Chicago. Hes not going to lead the team to the Playoffs, I think at best were looking at a 0.500. Please of anyone disagrees and honestly believess McCown will lead is to the playoffs, fair enough just shout out and let us know.
Ive heard it said that Manziel can learn from the bench from McCown, that Aaron Rodgers started there.... But Aaron Rodgers learnt ftom Brett Favre not Josh McCown thats just not comparable.

Manziel WILL make rookie mistakes, no slight intended, he will. But that game time and experience at a competative level needs to be developed, I expect Mariota and Winston to be the same.

But you need to support that in game action. You dont develop anyone by having then on the bench, thats not just true of the NFL but any sport you care to mention.

By not starting Manziel, in 1 year or 2 we have to look at either giving a 3rd or 4th year Manziel a start with still minimal experience, drafting a new 1st round QB and having to develop them anyway, or bring in another 2nd rate QB (because lets be honest, nobody is going to trade away a top level starting QB)

At least by starting Manziel we know exactly what he can do, can we work with him to develop that potential or do we have to cut our losses.

And for the record I happen to disagree with Pettine on the matter that McCown offers the better chance to win, and looking back over McCowns career history which aside from Chicago doesnt really offer anything to suggest hes going to be capable of anything other than mediocre.
But equally im not saying Manziel will definately be better, but at least with him your either (working towards the future franchise, or recognise he isnt working and looking to draft a starter in the next draft rather than having to delay it a year or 2 developing Manziel later when it could be done now.
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