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Originally Posted by White9 View Post
I agree Manziel needs polish, but there is no greater teacher than experience.
Yes we could evaluate in 10 games... But that a still only 10 games experience. Why are the likes of Mariota and Wonston not watching from the sideline. The teams have got support that learning curve.

By running McCown what are we actually achieving other than depriving a potential starter of experience. Why delay the start of that learning curve? Johnny seems to have got through the worst side of his personal life following rehab. Now comes the time that needs to be taken to enhance his professional career.

But let me phrase it this way.

Starting Josh, what is the best possible outcome, for the season and the franchise.

Then ask yourself the same for Johnny, Best outcome for the season and franchise.
I agree about experience but even if you play Johnny all year he is still going to be basically a 2nd year guy starting next season, the same as he would if he started 10 games so still not sure how much weight the start him to gain experience argument holds at present

To answer your question though mate I guess right now the advantage to starting Josh is he knows the offence that Flip wants to run from his days in Oakland, he has way more experience in terms of game times, even his losing record doesn't negate the fact that he can read defences better right now than Johnny and the main factor is that we are still only in week 3

As for Johnny I guess the advantage is stick him in and get experience from losing games which is highly probable given the schedule we have coming up, the problem you have is if he plays well enough in some games but struggles in others your back to square 1
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