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Originally Posted by FallenFlyer View Post
One of the most difficult things to predict looking at the imminent future is how many members of the Steelers D from the 2004 to 2011 era will get in. The numbers that D did coupled with 3 Super Bowl runs (2 wins) is remarkable.

Yet, outside Polamalu, not one is even in our list. Certainly James Harrison is likely to make the conversation as is Casey Hampton despite his lack of name recognition to some. However are there names missing or simply being overlooked in favour of bigger reputations?

It will be the similar projecting 10 years into the future with how many of the Seahawks D will make it.

As a unit, their numbers over an extended stretch of time are also undeniable. They have been a top 5 total D every year since 2012. Top overall two years in a row. Lowest average points 4 years straight. They have 2, arguably 3 players, who are already in the discussion (Thomas, Sherman with Chancellor on the outside looking in) but will that be their quota?

This also goes back to the Steelers as the Seahawks already more players in the discussion (2) than the Steelers (1) despite the Pittsburgh D being at the top for a longer period and getting to more Super Bowls.
You can be a great team in the era with a lot of very good but not great players. And I think both the Seahawks and Steelers have plenty of the "very good".

For me, neither Casey Hampton nor James Harrison belong in the HoF. Hampton did not impact the game enough and was a two down player. No matter how goo at that role he was. And Harrison is a tricky one. I love him as a player, but he's never really been among the best in the NFL.

For the Seahawks, I don't think they've been as dominant for as long as we expected. Sherman is nowhere near the HoF and seems to have peaked. Chancellor isn't close. He's was amazing last year, but has had lots of rough patches. Wagner is a very good LB, but not close. Mike Bennett is outstanding, but the numbers and profile aren't really there.

The will be one. Earl Thomas. He'll go in. No doubt. I think he's been a bit over-rated at times. But they ask him to do an awful lot. He needs a few more good seasons, if he can be a 5 time first-team All Pro (so one more) and with another rig, he'd be a lock.
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