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Originally Posted by paullamey View Post
Anyone interested in trying to put together a group action against NFL Gamepass for the terrible service they've provided recently?

I've had so many issues with them since they removed the app six weeks before the end of the last subscription term and through to the new service that they have today. I've wasted so much time contacting them with no adequate response.

I"m also convinced that the issues won't be fixed by week 1 of the regular season so want to get something started in preparation for that.

I just wondered if anyone would be interested in putting together a group claim for compensation given the s*** show that has been the move to the new provider? Also any advice on how best to do this please send!
Refund and voting with feet is sadly the only solution. Its really frustrating, but it is easier being my side of the fence and cross about the service but at least richer of pocket.

The elephant in the room is of course that we have loads and loads of options to watch NFL, it's just not as convenient as paying for the app but with the degradation of functionality, and decline in quality the alternatives are not much worse a product.

Sadly, I see no other solution. Get your money back, at least you will feel better.
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