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Originally Posted by paullamey View Post
I suppose I should have changed the wording of this. I didn't actually mean take legal action - I really just meant have a letter / email that was 'signed by a whole load of people or cc'd with a whole load of people.

I figured that a message with 100 users / potential users of the service that they may have to do something about it.

I guess i'm getting ahead of myself but my main issue will be when they can't deal with the regular season - I'm foreseeing streams not working, on demand games not being ready until the afternoon after they've been played. This has already happened in the preseason (the best / worst issue saw was when they took a day to get a game up and used the NFL Network stream for it so the final score was flashing across the bottom of the game as you were watching it!)

I might be wrong and it could all go really smoothly but I wanted to collect any interested people to try and get together.
I get the desire behind it, but ultimately for that to work it's predicated on the notion that the supplier doesn't understand the outrage at how poor the service is, and would change if they knew. A cursory glance at this forum or social media tells me they know how unhappy people are - so another source of information informing them that people are unhappy wont make them change anything.

They have clearly taken a view that this is a storm that will blow over, and that people will continue to subscribe, and any minor attrition in numbers will be off set by the savings of offering a reduced service.

The only step you can meaningfully take is to get a refund, bite the bullet and use another service and hope that's enough others do it to instigate change.
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