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Originally Posted by Stu_T View Post
Texas to Pac-12
Iowa st join Iowa in Big 10
ACC West Virginia works Geography wise
Oklahoma and Oklahoma st to SEC mainly Oklahoma but they are a package deal
No clue about Baylor or TCU
Kansas to any Big Basketball conference they want.
Kansas St no clue either
Texas has the academic credentials for the Big Ten too or could go independent.

Iowa State doesn't really bring anything to the table except being an AAU school for B1G. Not much athletic success and nothing in terms of new markets etc with Ames being small and in the same state as a bigger team they already have in Iowa.

ACC have passed on WVU before but might change their mind if other conferences are snapping teams up.

Baylor and Kansas State along with ISU are likely to be the losers as they don't offer much that any conference would want. PAC-12 won't touch religious schools, see BYU, so they wouldnt take Baylor but might be interested in Texas Tech.

TCU could be interesting for the ACC although a bit outside their footprint or maybe the PAC-12 because despite having the word Christian in their name they aren't a particularly religious school anymore.

As you say Kansas would survive on basketball alone so would be added, probably by the B1G which has shown it doesnt mind adding a team that sucks at football.

Not sure on TAMU's stance but I think they'd lobby against the addition of any Texas school to the SEC on principal (Texas definitely but might be more open to TTU). I think the Oklahoma schools are the most likely to be added to the SEC if the Big 12 disappeared.
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