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Planning a trip myself later this year and my research led me to this site.


Looks like a flight to Chicago then hiring a car is the best option?

Packages look to be in the £1300 ball park?

Thought that would be easy to beat organising it myself but then started adding a few things up based on a 3 night stay, going friday coming back Monday

Flights £450
Hire Car £80
Petrol £80
Hotel £350?
Ticket £250? £150 possible? might as well get a good ticket if i can

That comes to £1200ish

I'm flexible in that I can go from any time late September through to Jan

Guess you've got to be quick off the mark in April to book hotels when the fixtures come out. Are games ever moved for TV after the schedules are released? When they FLEX is it ever to a Thursday or Monday?

lots of questions TIA for any advice
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