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Originally Posted by kaldenavn View Post
On what basis are you certain Kirkwood was referring to the Packers, given you are accusing the team personnel of flat out lying.
The interview he gave 1-2 years ago on the Nat Coombes show on Talksport 2 hinted quite heavily that it was Green Bay. Apart from anything else, all the other teams that fans clamoured after in big numbers had already been. From memory he talked of lobbying hard to get a certain team over but delicately hinted that they either weren't interested or were very sceptical. With respect to the Texans or Panthers, I don't think he was talking about them.

Team personnel lying? This is the NFL. Team personnel lie all the time. Though I never accused anyone of lying, you brought that language in. It's perfectly possible that front office is keen on the idea but the coaching staff is not, for example. Even if not lying, teams certainly like to blow smoke up people's you know whats. The Steelers ownership is always doing this with Mexico. Smaller scale, but nothing has materialised.
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