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Originally Posted by Renegade Steeler View Post
Well were on the eve of the first GP of the season.

If Button is to win the Championship then he must qualify a lot better than what he has been doing in the last year or so. Hes not an aggressive type of driver that can on a regular basis come through the pack and score podiums without help from other drivers.

My theory on Hamiltons move is he made it in haste and probably slightly regrets leaving Mclaren for a team he himself has said is not a contender therefore he only has 2 years to make the move seem worthwhile. I think he spends 3 years at Mercedes and then replaces Button at mclaren which would then give mclaren to exciting drivers.

If Red Bull is as dominant as they were last season then i dont see a change in results which is a shame because i dont think that Vettel is the best driver out there but is in a car that no one can really catch.
This. Lewis and Fernando are both better imo. Red Bulls dominance has put a downer on f1 in recent years for me. That and the constant ridiculous rule changes.

Still looking forward too it. Come on Jenson
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