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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Season 4 was announced for September 12th, 2014. From the promotional trailers running on NFL Network episodes can be expected featuring Terrell Davis, Lyle Alzado, Joe Greene, Eric Dickerson, Bill Walsh, Ricky Williams, Sean Taylor, Roger Staubach, and Doug Flutie.
There are going to be some brilliant episodes looking through them -

Terrell really should be in the HOF soon - just my opinion and Lyle Alzado should be really interesting.

I would imagine the Sean Taylor one will be heartbreaking! After watching some footage of Sean Taylor the other day I started thinking of the game where the Skins started only 10 men on defense after he passed away (I think it was just for the first play!). I think that was a great thing to do -

Looking forward to these - and a little off topic - we should be seeing the America's Game Seahawks in a few weeks - isn't normally on NFL Network the day before the first game?
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