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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Plenty of ways Dallas could go tbh, depending on how FA goes. I'm having a hard time with Dez Bryant recently. He's hardly unproductive, but his star seems to have fallen quite a bit in the last couple of seasons imo.

Do you still see him as a #1, and is his drop in production (by his standards) down to the change at QB or has he regressed? Haven't really seen enough of Dallas lately to judge him fairly...
They need a spark on offence. Doubt free agency brings much, they haven't spent big for a while plus they have Zack Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence to tie up.

It seems like a number of things with Dez.....and he isn't a #1 WR anymore until he proves it.

Firstly, I think he wants to be a big part of the offense so badly he tries too hard. He's always going to be a focus of the cameras on the sidelines whether his 'rants' are good or bad. Those 'rants' put pressure on him and the team. When the ball has come his way this season more often than not it's been dropped, batted down or fumbled. To be fair he faces Josh Norman and Janoris Jenkins 4 times a year and they've tended to have his number anyway.

Dak clearly doesn't have the same rapport with him on the field that Romo did either, plus he isn't as accurate.

He's never been a burner. Dez' strengths are using his body to win contested catches or out muscle defenders on slants or hooks/fades. Get the ball in his hands and let him punish people after the catch. Those plays/throws don't seem to happen as often anymore, and when they do Dez is 50/50 at best on them whereas it used to 70/30 or better. He makes one play a game now if you're lucky, and that's probably the result of defences not fearing him anymore.

His new contract is way above his pay grade on current performance. They could get out of his contract this off season, certainly next off season. He's 30 before the 2018 season starts. I'd guess 2018 is a 'prove you've still got it' year.

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