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Originally Posted by jrvincent1 View Post
I really cant comment on the incapacity benefits system, but can say with some authority that there are many who claim JSA who make no effort to work and have no motivation to work. Personally I feel that a good policy would be for the long term unemployed (say, more than 3 months) to be utilised in some way to better their community as part of the requirements for claiming JSA;

The community will benefit by having whichever service is provided (cutting grass, maintaining elderly complexes, litter picking etc etc etc)

The genuine jobseeker will benefit as it will be easier to get back to work when they get a job

The shirker will either stop claiming JSA or be forced to at least give something back for the money they are claiming

I really cant see any way that this could be argued against. It just seems like common sense to me.

They piloted a scheme like this somewhere out in the states (I'll look it up) and it was quite successful, but it was at least as expensive as paying benefits. You're right though, there are definitely people who just don't want a job, they exist, but I think most people do genuinely want a job.
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