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Name: Chris
Age: 23
Location: Hull
Occupation: Council worker
Favourite current Colts: Freeney, Mathis, Wayne...and who doesn't like Manning?!!
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison and Edge
Fan since: 2003/2004
Why you decided to support the Colts: Very random...but I was on a trip to Copenhagen in Denmark for a football tournament, when at the Sports Bar in the train station there was an xbox with Madden on...bear in mind I had never watched an NFL game before and didn't know any of the teams. I selected random on the xbox and ended up with the Colts. Played a few games, and enjoyed it so bought Madden when I got home and used them on Franschise mode. The first NFL game I watched was when Vanderjacht missed that field goal against the Steelers

My first full season of watching the Colts and we won the Superbowl...happy days! I got a Colts jersey for my 21st birthday with #93 Freeney on the back.

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: The AFC Championship comeback. Marlin's Interception
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