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Originally Posted by Huntsman86 View Post
The game has changed though, its TEs, Running backs who can catch the ball and WRs who play across all formations that make the difference in todays NFL...a top tier safety is a cure to those problems. Feel free to disagree.
I do. Safeties are safeties for a reason, they can't take players out of the game in coverage one-on-one.

Think about it, the Bengals are playing an average defense and you can choose to add either Byrd (the best safety in the NFL) or Revis/Sherman/Webb (whichever isn't injured). You'll take Byrd every day. He'll make splash plays with maybe an INT, a couple of pass-breakups, maybe even a couple of 3rd down stops. But the three corners are capable of completely shutting down the Bengals O by negating Green or at least containing him (Green's a bit of an extreme example considering he's impossible to stop one-on-one).

There's a reason corners get paid more than safeties.

The franchise tag number for corners this year is 10.668m, for safeties it's 6.798m. That kinda reflects the value teams put on the two positions.
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