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Default Offseason thoughts

Be good to hear how people feel the offseason has gone for us. Here's my views...

Things I like

The pick ups of Jared Veldheer and Antonio Cromartie. I think both of these are exceptional both for value and talent. The left side of the line now looks like a strength for the first time since I became a fan, and on paper we have one of the best secondaries in the league.

The Bucannon and Niklas picks. These could fall into both things I like and dislike because I really like the players but would question the value where we took them, particularly the Bucannon pick where the best quarterback in the draft was still on the board. I think both players will improve the team considerably though.

The Carlson, Dwyer and Ginn pick ups. Whilst these players may not have the biggest impact, they can be used rotationally to add depth and variety that will be useful as the season goes on.

Tyrann Mathieu's commitment to rehab and to the team. This guy is quickly becoming my favourite Cardinal.

Things I dislike

The draft. Yes this is subjective and I may be proved wrong a few years down the line, but I think we had an incredibly weak draft compared to what was available when we picked.
Passing on Bridgewater at 27 seems crazy given that in December (when opinions were guided by football) most people had him going 1st over all. We could then have picked up the likes of Tre Boston at safety in the 4th.
In the second, I'd have traded down like in the 1st (I seem to recall Steve Keim saying this option was on the table) as I liked both Niklas and Fiedorowicz who were both still on the board so we could likely have still got one of them after the trade.
I thought ILB needed to be addressed even before the Washington suspension (Shayne Skov?).
RT could have been addressed with Antonio Richardson. A 1st round talent with injury concerns is surely worth a 6th rounder over a 3rd new WR, especially given the WRs we already have.
I would have liked to get at least one of Ronald Powell, Michael Sam or Tajh Boyd in the later rounds. They may end up busts but at this stage they all have incredibly high ceilings and I'd sooner take these risks in the later rounds than pick up depth players which is what I feel we've done.

The loss of Dansby and Washington. I felt we needed more depth at ILB when Dansby left, and now with Washington out for the year the position is a real concern. Hopefully we can bring someone else in before the season starts.

The right side of the O-line. A concern until anyone on the roster proves otherwise.

Your thoughts?
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