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Pretty good summary. I really liked the John Brown pick in the 3rd. I think he could make Ted Ginn surplus.

I'm a big fan of Massie so hope he does become the RT of the future. He looked really fine in the last 8 games of his rookie year. But something he does or doesn't do, is not liked by the new coaches.

I'm glad they passed on Teddy, BUT feel he'd have been a better pick for the Cards, than he is for the Vikes. If as some reporters suggest he is close to starting for the Vikes I think it could be a bad thing for his long term development. He really doesnt have a strong arm. And when they are playing outdoors in Nov and December up there. He will struggle to get the ball to his WRs.
He makes spome horrendous decisions too. At times he got away with them. IMO he will be found out pretty quick in the NFL.
Had he been picked by the Cards, he could have sat for 2 years, and played 8 home games a year in the UOP. A much better scenario for him IMO.

I worry about the ILB situation most. Losing Dansby and Washington is too much for it not to have an effect. I'm a big Minter fan but do not think he is a ready replacement for either. Not yet anyway (Taken one pick before Kiko Alonso ARGH). I like the upgrade at corner, but am worried about the rehab with Mathieu. I hope he isnt rushing back too quick and has a down year like RGIII did last year. He needs to be back 100% fit. Or he will just get injured again.

I like Niklas pick the most in the draft. Not flashy (like the Cards draft) but will block and then some. He wont make the catches some of the others will be getting, but with the emergance last year of Ellington, I think his pick could be the most productive of the lot.

There is a little to worry about at NT as well. T'amu coming back off a knee injury. Never good for linemen to have a weakness in their knees. They take so much pressure. And Dan Williams has so far been OK. I get shot down but think he needed to be picked for a 4-3 team, and plays better when the Cards switch to a 4-3 (Which to be fair they did a lot more last year).
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