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Very good point about Teddy not being suited to the situation at the Vikes. I just think we won't get another chance at as good a quarterback in the draft whilst Palmer is playing (can't see us picking top 10) and it would be much better developing him under Palmer for 2 years than waiting until Palmer retires/leaves to address the situation. I don't feel Stanton is the answer.

I hope John Brown is as good as people say he is, I haven't managed to find any decent game tape so can't really give an opinion. I do think that bringing in 3 WRs is excessive though. I know we had 2 shots at RB last year and came out with a good one, but 3 shots seems like we're expecting players to be busts (or planning for Larry's departure, something I don't want to contemplate).

I hope Massie is the answer at RT, it just doesn't give me confidence that he wasn't considered better than what we had last year.
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