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I've really learnt to not to come to any real conclusions as to what the offseason brought. Every year, those I expect to be good moves turn out not to be, those I did not expect to mount to anything, turned out good.

Id say we are slightly weaker going into the start of the year than we finished. We are reliant on a good defence and will be missing 3 key playmakers from last start with at least anyway.

Offensively it is safe to say we should have taken a step forward. The left side of the line should be more than solid. The right is up in the air. I hate Fanaika, he is useless, and the RT position is a bit of an unknown. Other than that the offence looks more the capable.

On the face of it, the draft seemed decent too me, I liked most of our picks, Niklas aside, who I am not too keen on. I just don't see that we will derive enough value out of TE to see them picked that high.

Clearly Tiny was off the board completely due to knee problem, which is fair enough. Skov likely the same too with a number of injury concerns.

In the end, I see us taking a slight step back record wise, I see an 8-8 or 9-7 year coming on, and likely another 3rd place finish.
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