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Originally Posted by alit83 View Post
Just noticed you're from Carlisle too, thought I was the only Cardinals fan in the village

I agree we may well take a step back this year record-wise, the other teams in the division seem to only be improving year by year and it is questionable whether we've kept up.

To me the linebacker positions are crucial, both inside and outside as this is the only position I feel we are weaker than last year. The secondary, even without Mathieu seems stronger with the new additions and the O-line seems stronger overall. If Abraham can keep up the production on the outside, Acho can return healthy and two of the ILBs can step up to playing at least average for the league then I feel we can be challenging for the playoffs with the roster we have. Minter gives me confidence that we can be strong against runs between the tackles which is essential in our division, but defending the read option without Washington's closing speed could be our new achilles heel, replacing TE coverage as our biggest liability.

Wow, I thought I was the only football fan in the village, nevermind Cardinals. Where about do you live? Actually, hold up, just checked your profile and recognise the name. Did you used to go to Houghton school?

LB, well OLB has been our weakness in defence for a number of years now, but I feel this is where Bowles, and previously with Horton, have proved invaluable. We generate pressure without the talent. Schematically we are very clever and I see no reason for this changing. I fully expect us to cover up the lack of talent at LB with some very clever play-calling. What I think we will miss is Washington's sideline to sideline speed.
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