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Default NFL Yearly Awards

So, Manning gets MVP for leading his team to and 8-game win streak, but in a year where he put up some of his worst career numbers. Discuss!

Matt Ryan (16 TD, 11 INT, 88.7 rating) Offensive Rookie of the Year. Leaned heavily on Turner and the run game and struggled when they did.
Matt Forte (316 Att, 1238 RuYards, 8 TD, only 1 fumble + 4 RecTD) carried the Bears offense prety much singl handedly, made Kyle Orton look like a Pro Bowler, lead the team in both rushing and recieving yards. Who deserved it more? Or was it Flacco, who won the Rookie of The Year overall prize?

My opinion? Forte should have been Rookie of the Year in both categories, and Manning did a great job carrying the Colts to the playoffs.
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