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Originally Posted by BigTone View Post
That's exactly what Ticketmaster have done for many years (via their "Getmein" site).
You can resell at face value on there if you want to, just like you can on the similar sites of their competitors.

Hopefully it would be bought by a fellow fan, but (like any other "non personal" ticket sale), it might also be hard to avoid your ticket being bought by an agency/tout (or someone working for them).
See, I hate these sites because they also charge so much in fees. They take a cut of what the seller makes, so to get face value back you have to sell for more anyway, but then they add huge fees to the buyer as well so it's much worse. The really annoying thing though, is that even with all this, they pay you after the event (so these touts won't even get paid for a year) and it puts me off selling.

I found better seats than the ones I purchased available, but they do make it impossible to sell them on honestly to another honest fan.
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