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Because of fees, hassles and the like - plus the small fact I swallowed the hype leading up to the inaugural IS game (Fins v Giants) that the NFL commish (Mr Kirkwood) and the Sky guys were spouting about not only was it all sold out way before hand but that demand meant they could of sold out Wembley 3 times over I never tried to sell spares via third party websites.

It led me to not be to unduly concerned when a few of my work colleagues baulked at the costs and renegaded about going after I had bought and fronted on my credit card for several tickets. I just decided I'd have no trouble selling them at face plus booking/postage fees (just what I had shelled out) on the day as after all that very first game they was showing the game on big screens in Wembley Arena to for those not lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the big game live.

Alas it was all propaganda - I stood out in the pouring rain for hours (instead of tail gating with my mates that had paid for their tickets as per their word). In the end I went past the kick off before admitting defeat and taking the hit - but what still grates me to this day was not even a reply from the NFLUK offices to my post game letters to them to ask why they were giving away FREE tickets on the day... YES people you read that right. So TV audiences would not see empty seats in Wembley stadium and thus sus the hype was just that hype, the Wembley Arena big screens that first year I suspect was the NFLUK's clever back up to be able to have lots of fans on tap they could use to fill the stadium and any empty seats with. They did just that to as I saw with my own eyes as many people who came to collect tickets to Wembley Arena that I thought might like to buy my spares were met by a lady from NFLUK with a clip board and after a few questions were up graded - given tickets to the real game gratis. So I had no chance of selling mine at face value or even less compared to that - fair enough if I was a tout - tough... but I am just a genuine fan that wanted to get others into the game that had work acquaintances flake on me and had no idea come the day I'd be competing with the NFLUK themselves giving out freebies.... I just expected touts to be unhappy at me selling things for cost but what I think is worse is not even being acknowledged by NFLUK after the event when I took the time to write in to them about this post game. They didn't even have the decency to acknowledge my letter. After no reply the first time I re-sent the letter with a covering letter to Alastair Kirkwood himself - recorded delivery this time - but still not so much as a standard response. I didn't expect them to give me my money back or anything like that but I did expect (and it would of been nice) to have gotten a reply and know why they did this especially as I was left hundreds of pounds out of pocket - basicly ending up paying for 3 seats - while other fans got in free. I would of felt it a matter of courtesy (and good business practice) to reply to my letter but no, nothing.

Any way it means since then I have been wary of believing the hype and until next season when my team is coming had lost interest to bother going especially at the sky high ticket costs.

Games I have fancied I have rocked up on the day and bought one under face value as there's always spares or touts left with extras on the day - once the game has kicked off the value of the ticket is deprecating by the minute and touts want to go home so have never failed to bag one for a score (20 GBP) just after kick off - done this twice now.

Naturally as it's my team coming next year will most likely pre-buy tickets at full cost as I wish to not have this drama as I want to tailgate and soak up the pre game fair plus sit with my mates but will make sure this time all peeps I front for are trusted mates or that I get a deposit up front before buying.

Go Lions!
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