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Originally Posted by Timber View Post
Glad it's back. Although for the first time in a long while I haven't felt as enthusiastic for the new NFL season as I normally have. I didn't watch any pre-season this year for example. I don't know if this is simply an extension of the Bears consistently losing or what (although I've lived through them being a losing team most seasons).

Enjoyed your write up @olig23 and agree with most of your points. The game was very distinctive in being very much a game of two different halves. The first half was fantastic to watch and I generally was feeling good about our chances. Unfortunately the Texans adjusted well after the break and we just ground to a halt on Offence which killed the contest.

I'm probably more with the ATL guys than anyone positive but then after all these years I'm a cynical sod. It seems some Bears fans were quite positive about this season, but outside of those fans most think we will struggle. I read yesterday we averaged 27th of all the ESPN, etc. power polls.

Only one game so you can't be conclusive but some worrying early signs like we are missing weapons on Offense and Kevin White was very bad. Jeffrey is extremely talented but prone to injuries and inconsistency, so I can see why we didn't offer a big money deal. If Jeffery gets injured and White doesn't get better it might be some lesser know WR's starting in some games.

It's also ominous the way Cutler was hit so much in the second half. I know the Texans adjusted to the Bears but the way the pocket was continuously beaten in the 4th quarter was worrying. I think the next two games are very winnable and should show us more of what's good and bad and more of a clue on the season coming.
That's my issue with the ATL guys. They clearly were only half paying attention. But they do shape the narrative.

With regards the pressure on Cutler. he did get hit a lot. But I think there's a few things to consider there.

A few of those were coverage sacks or coverage pressures. Houston played very good man coverage I thought. Something that the Bears can work on, e that in practice or calling plays with easier dump off options.

The line help up pretty well against a team with some outstanding pass rush talent. Leno was quietly competent throughout the game. He did a good job with Clowney. Sitton was very good in Pass Pro. As was Whitehair. Whitehair did very well. Sadly the only play people actually notice is the botched snap.

We have an average Eagles team next week. I think we should win that game. Obviously, you can never say exactly how things will go, but I am unusually optimistic about the D. Offence is ok... I want to see them use Langford more to be honest.
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