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Originally Posted by Steve_H View Post
You say that, but when I was in the British army, (Christ it's nearly 10 years since I left, that makes me feel really old,..,..),... if they had someone who so excelled at particular sport that they had an opportunity to do it professionally the army was usually happy to release them from their military commitment, I think it was viewed that the sports man/woman was a good advert for the forces by doing so,.... Obviously I don't know for sure the Brit army still allow this though,....
Lol, my dad was Royal Signals about 10 years ago and yeah it used to be like that anymore, but not anymore I doubt unless it's an extreme case

The best the forces offer nowadays is what the Royal Navy sometimes do, the guys who are on their various Field Guns team will be purposely posted into a slot which will help them with their Field Gun training, rather than being randomly posted elsewhere.

Sadly RAF don't do that, Army I would have thought operate a little like the Navy and will post people into a set post, but they won't release them from the duties, if they're goin to Afghan, then they're gona be on that Tristar come love nor money.

Sadly forces PR takes a back seat nowadays , sucks.