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A few thoughts regarding Quarterbacks who need a big 2019 season...

Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans) - Definitely feels like one of those 'prove it' type of seasons coming up in what is a contract year for Mariota. I'm a big fan so will be rooting for him, and the Titans have given him all the help he needs on offense - solid O line, good group of receivers, strong run game. I found the trade for Ryan Tannehill really curious - a sign the Titans aren't 100% convinced. The pressure's on. I hope Mariota stays healthy and plays well.

Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Winston and Mariota will probably forever be compared (at least in my head) being the top two picks in the 2015 draft. I thought Winston was dodgy in college and he's been dodgy in the NFL, he just makes too many mistakes too often. Doesn't look like he's getting enough of an offense around him as he plays out his fifth-year option.

Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders) - When Carr signed his new Raiders contract at the start of the 2017 season he was the highest paid player in the NFL. Last season the Raiders went a poor 4-12, not that this was Carr's fault. In fact he had a pretty good year but it felt as though the organisation was tanking and saving up for the Vegas move. I wonder if they were ever close during draft time to going all-in on Kyler Murray. They did put together a really good draft and have grabbed Antonio Brown, which hopefully means no more tanking.

Nick Foles (Jacksonville Jaguars) - If it was me I would give Foles at least a couple of seasons to get going in Jacksonville. Unfortunately I feel like too many will be down on him if he doesn't get the team up to about the 9/10 win mark straight away. I think the AFC South could be extremely competitive next season.

Philip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers) - The Chargers have built such a good roster. In the final year of his current contract, I can't decide how much longer I think Rivers will be around for. Certainly has the players around him for another go at a Championship run.

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) - This is me just being a little facetious. Of course Rodgers is going to be fine. I do feel as though he has received a bit more negative comment than usual regarding his play over the last year or so. Maybe it's just me who feels that. The Packers sure don't have the hold on the NFC North they did a few seasons ago. Another season where they aren't competing for the division and Rodgers will probably face more criticism.
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