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On another note, anybody like my Odell Sig i made yesterday.


Very good indeed, {mutters to self} Why couldn't he be in Purple and Black {/mutters to self}

I'd like to extend a huge apology to our front office, I've been blaming them for the hold out of Clayton when it now seems that the holdout is over $50-60,000! Mark Clayton how on earth is $50,000 worth missing four days of camp! You damn fool get your **** into camp!


No. $50,000 is a lot of money. I think he should hold out for the entire seson if necessary.
I might contact Lewis and Ogden and enquire about me reprsenting them as their agent too.

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[/quote]hhmmm, ill pass on that one lol. Being an NFL agent must be some pretty easy work. Its more of a teacher role teaching players that money is the only important thing in life.

Oh yeah and fame
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