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From Pete Prisco's column on CBS Sportsline:

Mark Brunell (late of the Jaguars) may be heading down I-95 to Miami.

With the Dolphins strongly considering hiring former Packers general manager Ron Wolf as a consultant, instead of hiring a general manager, it's another strong move that could lead to Brunell quarterbacking Miami next season. Brunell will become an unrestricted free agent when the Jaguars choose to not pay him a $2 million option bonus. It was Wolf who drafted Brunell in the fifth round in 1993, even though he had Brett Favre on the roster. Wolf has always been a big believer in Brunell, even though he traded him to Jacksonville in 1995, a move made because he realized Brunell would leave via free agency the next year. Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt likely has one year left to make a deep playoff run, so he needs Brunell. Dolphins offensive coordinator Norv Turner had a chat with Brunell on the field when the Dolphins played the Jaguars this season and indicated he would like to have him on the roster. Turner pushed for the Cowboys to draft Brunell in 1993 when he was the offensive coordinator, even though Troy Aikman was the starting quarterback. That's three strong reasons why Brunell might be the Miami quarterback next season. Here's another: Miami is where Brunell prefers to play. It's close to his new home in Jacksonville, which is where he will live even after he's done playing football. The Cowboys are also expected to make a play for Brunell. But reports that he bought land in Austin to build a house aren't true. That's investment property. Brunell's top priority is to play, and the team that offers that chance is where he'll wind up.
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