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I'm in two minds about switching to a 3-4. I do think it's time for a change in approach with all the Tampa-2 players now in their mid-thirties...but a lot of the reasoning I've heard for switching to a 3-4 is that it'd suit McClellin more. Switching the entire outlook of the defense to suit one player because he's been a bust in one of the two positions he can play sounds like a bad idea to me. There's no guarantee he'll be any better as a pass-rushing OLB in the NFL.

Then there's the D-line. I think we should cut or try and trade Peppers if he won't drastically reduce his contract. If he stays will he be effective in a 3-4? Maybe, apparently he wanted to move to a 3-4 D before joining the Bears, but maybe not. Melton isn't suited to playing NT, would he make a good DE in a 3-4 D...would he be happy doing that? Corey Wootton probably does have the ability to play DE in a 3-4 and, along with Jay Ratcliffe, is one of the surer propositions if we make the switch.

The best scenario (discounting the draft and FA) is a D-line of Melton - Ratcliffe - Wootton with Peppers switching in and out and maybe playing a little OLB himself along with McClellin. If everything works out right that could be a very formidable force but there's certainly no guarantees that it will.

Then again it couldn't possible be worse than last years defense...could it?
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