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I'm just kinda thinking out loud and doing a bit of digging but some realistic/cheaper names I've come across.... Think the lists were fairly up to date....

Looking at D-linemen available in FA there's 3 from GB that could do a job-if we switch to 3-4 of course.

I think Raji will want too much money, especially if Paea or Ratliff play NT, but Jolly and Wilson could be interesting on smaller contracts, especially against the run.
Or Ziggy Hood from the Steelers.
The few mock drafts I've seen have us taking a DL or S so far however...

If we don't keep DJ Williams our LB could be very young...
Dansby played ILB in a 3-4 at Arizona and Pat Angerer always stood out when I've seen him play.

If we stick with 4-3, names that have been mentioned include Bennett, Hardy and Orakpo as a DE, but they are linked with anyone with cap space!

I think Wesley Woodyard is a good LB too.
At safety I guess Byrd would be the biggest pickup, but I like TJ Ward a lot.

Any thoughts?
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