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Originally Posted by yeahbuddy View Post
Brandon Marshall is showing Friday night on nfl channel looking forward to it he is one of my favourite players.
I am really looking forward to this and they are right to choose Marshall -

Don't get me wrong I am a little biased and I am sure he will end this year as the Super Bowl MVP as Chicago brings it home - but anyway.........

This is an example of someone whose life was pretty much in disarray, he truly took on board events of his life which lead to him discovering he has Borderline Personality Disorder, which in turn he has managed to (so far) stay on top of and managed to turn his life around while doing a lot of good for others in the process.

He has really helped raise awareness of mental health issues, made numerous, numerous contributions to the community where he now plays, both monetarily and with his time and while also being one of the top most dangerous receivers in the NFL!

Everyone runs into trouble in their life - some more than others for a variety of reasons - but people deserve a chance to put things right if they can and this chap is a shining example of how you can do that if you need to - can't wait to see it! Great show!
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