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4 - 1, with the Champs up next!

We kind of dodged a bullet against the Texans, especially with the return of the turnover and run defence issues. Not a good combination heading into Seattle.

I expect McClain will miss some time this week with his groin issue, and Carter will be touch and go to return. After watching the Seahawks v Redskins last night, we might be better off playing nickel the majority of the time anyway to combat all the Harvin/Wilson run plays. If McClain and Carter are missing, then Hitchens and Durant will see the field an awful lot. With the 2 home divisional match ups against the Giants and 'Skins on the horizon, I don't think Carter and McClain will be rushed back. Not saying we should give up already when it comes to beating Seattle, but we need to think long term with those two.

We need to get the play calling at the line of scrimmage off to a tee this week in practice. If Romo found it difficult at home to the Texans, facing the 12th man will be a nightmare. When Romo starts changing things at the LoS with less than 10 seconds left on the play clock it normally doesn't end well (see the delay of game penalty AFTER a time out against the Texans).

The Seahawks run D looked mightily impressive against the 'skins too, so it wouldn't surprise me if Murray didn't see as many carry as he has done next week. Garrett has talked about lessening his workload, so we might see more Dunbar/Beasley/Escobar than we have done so far.

I expect Romo will be having another Wednesday off practice too, he took a few hits from the Texans.
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