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Originally Posted by imaher View Post
Massively looking forward to the Seahawks game now, will give an indication of how we match up against the elite teams.
I'm not looking forward to it all if I'm honest.

Yes, it will be a true test of both our offence and defence, but on the road in Seattle is the toughest place in football at the moment.

Look at our weapons.

The OL........they have a solid DL, and a large, quick set of LB's.
Witten.........Bobby Wagner and Co at LB are quick, KJ Wright is 6'4. Cam Chancellor is 6'3, and Earl Thomas is always buzzing about too.
Dez........Sherman, or Maxwell and Thomas. That's a tough draw either way.
Murray......see DL, LB's, and the deadly duo at safety. They hit hard too.....fumbles?
Romo.......with that crowd noise, and that D, it's going to be tough. Aaron Rodgers stats from opening day.......189 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.

Look at our weaknesses.

Run D.......if McClain and Carter can't make it, who deals with Lynch? Their OL isn't the greatest, but it won't be over matched by our DL either.
Pass D.....Speed. Harvin. He had 3 TD's called back for penalties against Washington on the road.
Pass option D......Russell Wilson was a nightmare for the 'skins D. Even with Kerrigan and Orakpo on the edge he gashed them numerous times. 122 rushing yards on the ground for Wilson against the 'skins.

A very bleak outlook I know. I just worry that we go into Seattle, get beaten, beaten up, lose momentum, and....well that's not a good place to be heading into the New York and Washington games. So far the offence has avoided injuries, I just worry that in trying to match Seattle on the road we won't be so lucky.

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