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Great question.

It all depends on what he wants. A little bit of salary chatter to set the scene, the top avg/year for WR's are:

Calvin Johnson - $16,207,143
Larry Fitz - $16,142,857
Percy Harvin - $12,849,000
Mike Wallace - £12,000,000
Dwayne Bowe - $11,200,000
Vincent Jackson - $11,111,111
Brandon Marshall - $10,000,000
Jordy Nelson - $9,762,500

The 'Total Guaranteed' in all those contracts bar Calvin Johnson (he gets $48.75m) ranges from $11.5m (Nelson) to $27m (Fitz & Wallace). The Wallace, Bowe and Jackson deals look pricey imo.

So look at the recent Nelson and Marshall deals. Now Nelson has Rodgers throwing to him, but he's still good. He got a 4 year extension, at age 29, which was more or less $40m over 4 years, with $11.5m signing bonus. Brandon Marshall, 3yr/$30m, got almost half his money guaranteed, Nelson closer to 30%.

Dez is 26. He's never been the fastest, so as he gets older you don't have to worry about his loss of speed affecting him as much as others. He's in his prime (as long as the back issues are behind him, pardon the pun). So what's Dez worth? He's better than Wallace, Bowe and Jackson, but those deals are crazy. Something around the $11m/year mark would be good imo.

What would i offer.......

6 year, $65m, with $24m guaranteed. That's an avg of $10.83m/yr. Keep the numbers pretty even from year to year salary cap permitting, $12m signing bonus, and $3m guaranteed over each of the first 4 years. The cap will go up, but we don't want to place ourselves back in 'cap hell' if we need to cut ties for any reason.

*I expect Dez would be looking at $12m+/yr. My offer would be laughed at, especially given current/future WR contracts. I think 6yr/$85m/$35m guaranteed would be closer to it. Although that's starting to get a little pricey for my tastes.

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