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Default Saints Draft Profile

Hi All,

Perhaps strangely Sean Payton has been rather transparent about what his intentions are at the upcoming draft, stating that he is looking for a "CB, then an IL and possible and OL.

If you ask me they really need the outside linebacker, they have a couple of decent defensive ends but otherwise have no threat on the opposing QB. One I would like to see would be Vic Beasley, an extremely athletic dude for his size with a school record that speaks volumes.

If they want another corner then Trae Waynes would be the clear choice for me, again he has a school record that really stands out and had a combine that was equally impressive. The problem is that I expect Trae to be off the boards by the time the Saints pick at 13.

As for Inside Lineman, Danny Shelton is the class choice in the draft for me. An excellent run stopper capable of taking on double teams who has an excellent engine. His combine spoke volumes.

Its very unlikely but ultimately I would be delighted to get 2 out of 3 which would unquestionably require some draft day dealing. There is talk of Mark Ingram leaving, if so perhaps we can deal him to get the new blood that we need.

Any other thoughts out there?
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