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I think the Saints will pick up a CB in FA. there are a fair few that we can choose from this off season and maybe at reasonable cost. There's 2 from San Fran in Culliver and Cox that might be a good fit.
We definitely need a pass rusher and there will be a good one to fall to the Saints with the 13th pick I would imagine. A Fowler or a Beasley would fit in or perhaps Bud Dupree. I can't believe the D went so far backwards last year, I would hope Hicks, Jordan and if Galette comes back then they have rebound seasons for sure.

Personally I'd like to see Ingram back with the Saints but obviously that comes down to money. I thought he ran hard and certainly carried the load during the middle part of the season, however he might feel he'll get more money and touches of the ball elsewhere for next season. To be honest I've never been a fan of this running back by committee business that seems to be the way in Nawlins.
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