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Hi all
Its shaping up to be a really interesting draft for the Saints.

Now sitting with picks
R1 13
R1 31
R2 12(43)
R3 11(74)
R3 14(77)
R5 12(140)
R5 18(146)
R6 11(171)
R7 13(205)

5 picks between 13-77 should be enough for moving around the board and grabbing the players we need.

It will be interesting to see if Lelito or Senio Kelemete get the shot to replace Grubbs or if we go with either Scherff or Collins in the first or Erving/Marpet/Jackson/Tomlinson later on to come in.
We will need a RT soon but its not a priority.

I really dont see Beasley or Fowler being on the board a 13,and its iffy if either Shane Ray or Randy Gregory will be either.

I don't think much would surprise me to be honest if Parker/White or Cooper are on the board that wouldn't shock me at all if Payton took one off them.

I have to say im really unsure on Vaccaro going forward,he isn't a true SS or a FS ,though i have heard he has bulked up alot this summer so maybe they are given him a second shot at SS. I have also heard rumours of a trade to Giants for him and Cam
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