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Originally Posted by JensonF View Post
Here's one, but there are lots of similar pieces in the nationals:

The general idea seems to be to put British workers first and before cheap labour from abroad -- assuming there are still people here willing to work for not much money. And cut down on the number of people sneaking into the country dodgily and just overstaying.
What is all this about cheap labour? Mystifying. We have a minimum wage for goodness sake, which the Tories plan to increase to £9 per hour by 2020. If somebody is violating that then it seems unlikely they are going to advertise the fact.

How any legal instrument is meant to control anybody hiring illegal labour is equally baffling. Do we expect an Indian restaurant (say) with illegal migrant workers to report their origin truthfully?

What is all this about jobs anyway? Unemployment is low. The last figures put it at under 5% which is relatively healthy. There is always some unemployment as people leave jobs on purpose, go on gardening leave etc.

Unemployment was comparably low at the height of the boom but in fact unemployment has not been actually this low since the mid 1970's.

There are not legions of British workers who can't get a job because of immigrants. Unemployment is at a 40 year low.

This is why there are illegal workers and EU workers and Non-EU workers in the first place. Because the UK economy has an unquenchable thirst for labour. We have given them all jobs and we still have jobs available.
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