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Originally Posted by Mark_Duper View Post
Fair point but has the extra costs to consumers not gone back into US economy anyway, insteading of Chinese company pockets? What about the effect on spending power from all those US tyre companies and employees not buying and selling goods or homes and being simply out of a job now?

Would you rather spend £20/30 more on a tyre if you knew it was from a UK company and even better a local business?

Or cheap tyre, money to UK based franchise only, out the back door with tax returns and little to nothing put back into UK economy, aside a few jobs or just maybe delivery guys with the imported tyres.

We all want cheap and cheaper, it comes at a cost and works it's way up from the breadline eventually to snare us all, that is global capitalism for you.

Walmart effect, low profit margin, high volume sales, it works, and real well, always at a cost to everyone eventually. Once the global capitalists have taken over everything, then we really will be a slave race again.
Protectionism doesn't foster high quality domestic products though. It fosters low quality, high priced domestic products. No pressure, no competition, so no need to innovate. That's why everything in North Korea is terrible - nothing to keep them on their toes. Paying more for high quality local stuff works only with free competition - that's Germany. If you cut off competition and shelter German firms they would lose their edge. They compete by offering high quality stuff made using highly skilled labour and leave the cheap stuff of inferior quality to China.

In summary, I'd rather spend £20-30 on a superior quality product that's locally made but not a product of inferior quality just because it is local. I would rather money be spent on retraining workers for something else or something better instead of propping up industries that can't compete on quality or cost.
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