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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Read the 'timeline' of Luck's injuries in the IndyStar recently going back to September 2015. The Colts seem to have mishandled the whole thing. Moving him to IR should have happened 2 years ago. Does Luck take some of the blame for playing through the pain of a partial shoulder separation and torn rib cartilage he sustained in 2015? Perhaps, but as Luck himself said, everyone in the NFL plays hurt. The Colts (and Pagano) should have shut Luck down long ago it seems, they've just made things worse for minimal short term gains.

To hand Luck (your franchise QB) $87m in guarantees, yet mishandle his health like this seems extremely shortsighted.
think its more scary that he had only started throwing when they had to shut him down over the shoulder injury he had surgery on this off-season still next preseason it will have been over 18 months since he even practised properly never mind taking some hits on the injured parts.
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