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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Pedal Bin has been in touch via Twitter to say that since the recent upgrade he cannot access the forum.

He attached a picture of what he sees. It didn't even give him a chance to log in, just took him straight to the error page. He's tried every browser and it's the same story.
I expect he's tried this but......

Make sure he's cleared his cookies. Access the homepage afresh I.e. Don't go via an old link or tab. When (If) he gets to the homepage, log in from there not the forum, and/or if possible check his profile to make sure all the fields are filled in correctly. If they are, and it's allowed him to log in, then access the forum. Oh, and accapt cookies on the homepage too.

When I had issues logging in, and I went via pre existing links/tabs/thumbnails (or whatever they are called) i got error messages immediately too. It tried to load some 'eu.socialize' Web address or something along those lines, then gave me the fatal error message that is posted further back in this thread.
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