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Originally Posted by Phisch_2 View Post
Hi BirdOPrey,
once upon a time on a forum far far away I had the username Phisch but had to revert to the suffixed _2 version when things here went a bit...wonky. Is there any chance that account still exists somewhere in the NFLUK forum server purgatory? If so could the 2 accounts be merged please?
I will PM you for more info.

Originally Posted by HSTDriver View Post
Hi BirdOfPrey, the site looks a lot better and seems to be stable. It's a pleasure to navigate and post once again. I've not tried everything out yet, but PMs and so on appear to be working fine.

One little issue that I've had for a while now (long preceding this update) is that I no longer receive emails when people report posts/spam etc - I've had a look at my settings and i can't see any reason why I've not been getting them.
Thank you. As for the email, I checked your address in the settings. The domain your email is on is notorious among forum admins for having the hardest time to have emails delivered, they routinely drop tons of forum based emails that set off their spam detectors. I would advise changing email domains if at all possible. Google/Gmail generally has no issue nor do many other domains not owned by the parent company of your current address.

Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Pedal Bin has been in touch via Twitter to say that since the recent upgrade he cannot access the forum.

He attached a picture of what he sees. It didn't even give him a chance to log in, just took him straight to the error page. He's tried every browser and it's the same story.
Can I get a link to the tweet, please?
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