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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post

no George was very happy to talk up the need for an emergency budget that didn't happen but like all his predictions they where so wrong maybe people didn't take much notice.

so how much do we send to the EU every week,isnt the £39bn divorce bill linked to so many years funding??

nothing on Mueller

i believe its £248m that we send to them and then we get money back in terms of investment and money to farmers and such, which makes it £136m.

also on the projections and predictions, Brexit has yet to happen and plenty of negative things have happened so far. like the impact on jobs, the decline of the pound, the money wasted on prep and it becoming close to the sole focus of politics.

what leave meant was never clear and that alone has created a mess.

while the predictions of the EU loving and needing us, so being willing to give us a great deal proved to be wide of the mark as predicted by sensible folks.

it was a lie and one Boris and Leave defended and stood by.

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