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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
BoJo? The potential next Prime Minister of the UK and Ireland is now called BoJo?? My God, the world we live in.

And that you actually believe grass root supporters would think that a potential PM, sitting MP and former cabinet minister being hauled before the courts for misconduct in public office is a good thing? The justice system is a-political remember? The guy that brought the prosecution may have political motives but a magistrate actually feels that the law says he has a case to answer. That should be grounds for immediate resignation on its own. 100 years ago he'd have done the decent thing and shot himself.

Osborne was quoting Treasury Analysis though wasn't he? You know, stuff put together by the civil service? This was backed up by the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund. Who are all non political?

And of course whether a lot of this is right or wrong depends on when we actually leave and what our agreement looks like when we do it. It hasn't happened yet. It's fair to say though that so far things haven't been great:

I'd say that so far they've not been too wide of the mark?

"BoJo" on the other hand:

What group of respected national and international non political financial experts came up with that number? Remind me?
and wasn't Boris quoting the ONS and there 2016 "gross" figure about how much we paid to the EU before any money comes back??

also on George how do we best describe all the prediction his treasury made about a leave vote,any you can mention that where correct?

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