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Default ProTour Cycling Thread

Ok, this is either going to be met with stony silence (or cries of "they are all dopers!&quot but hopefully neither.
Anyone else out there do any club riding?...follow the ProTour? (TDF, Giro, Classics etc).
Discuss the new season here - news about the new teams involved, riders, new machinery you may have got over the winter, training etc etc.

Personally, I have loved the sport for 21 years now - my first introduction being the TDF going through Paris in 1987 while I was on holiday. Followed it ever since and still enjoy going out when my diary allows! Not easy with 2 kids to taxi around though!
I ride a Trek 1000 (fairly low end budget stuff) but it does the job for the level I ride at these days.
Thought this website was worth sharing......

Has some great photos on there and follows race results/ has live feeds during the Tour etc. Anyone else know of good cycling websites?...
Over to you.
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