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Default Re:ProTour Cycling Thread

It'll be a shame if Astana dont go to the Tour as they have had a big overhaul in the offseason. Bruyneel and Yates from the Discovery team have taken over the reins at DS level and they've signed some good riders. Kind of makes a mockery of the "Protour" though, as all 18 teams are supposed to get automatic entry into the big 3 tours. Because a French organisation control the Tour - they are playing by their own rules. Bit of a mess really.
Wonder if Team High Road (formerly T-Mobile) and Team Slipstream will get invited along this year? They've got some good European based riders (including David Millar) as well as their home based Americans etc
I was planning on going down to Alpe D'Huez this summer to ride the mountains (definately THE highlight of any big race)but we're hopefully moving house, so will have to put it on hold for ANOTHER year! One day.....?! ;D
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